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My place to be my random self. Don't expect something amazing just my life, likes and journey. Maybe you'll like it maybe not. Maybe you'll get it maybe you won't

My mama said
“Life is for living
If you ain’t happy, honey
Go out and reinvent yourself”
The desert is good
The desert is dark
I’ve got to go away
Said I’m going away

Alice Smith - Desert Song

I see your sins hidden behind those hazel eyes. I know of the damage and pain. My heart smiles and I’m still in wonderland, wondering how you became mine.

Roshae, Roshae, Roshae, Roshae
Sweaty, nervous to approach her
Before she smokes and floats and doze off
Pull your best ice breaking joke out

Say you’ve got a joint in your room
Acapulco gold or some such
Roshae, Roshae, Roshae, Roshae
What’s your last name? What’s your number?

Apathetic, Oh so very, meaning giving (Numbers)
Arbitrary, Think Them So and meet your end by (Numbers)

Odds and Ages, Stats and Wages, Numbers

Windy, Windy, Windy, Windy
He’s not single tempt him tempt him
Before they stop and reconsider
Bid their friends adieu fetch a cab

Say she’s got a bed in her room
And he’s wanted this for some time
Windy, Windy, Windy, Windy
After this don’t use his number

*Chorus 2x*

And when mines up, I hope I’ve left behind one
And I will, Make sure my boy know his way around *2x*
Make sure my boy knows his way around numbers

*Chorus 2X*
from About & Because - EP, track released 01 December 2011 
Written by Drew Moten
Composition & Vocals by Drew Moten & Donald Martin
Bass by Drew Moten
Keyboards by Donald Martin
Drum Programming by Donald Martin


I promote peace, love and anti bullying everywhere but the bedroom. You spank her, bite her, choke her, DOMINATE HER and fucking fuck her brains to a creamy white orgasm

For a while the beauty only existed on the inside and she knew it. However even the inside was slightly dark and ugly. She grew though into these looks and beauty was new. She didn’t know what to do with it. So, she left it as it was and never touched it until years later.

No fancy china on my table. Shot glasses and my ass are all I put on my counter tops. Trashcan full of used tea bags, burned out incense and liquor bottles. I’m not mysterious… I am simply a free being. I’m an open book I never run from questions even if I find myself blushing about the answer. I am who the fuck I am

The only thing I truly want out of life is happiness

Each persons happiness is defined differently. Mine is being nude as much as possible, laughing hard enough to almost pee, lots of physical pleasure, love of course and having simple things





This is a Scottish anti-rape PSA that is a direct response to blaming a rape victim for dressing like a slut. What do you think? Is it effective?

Never have I seen such an effective video in my life… and it’s only 30 seconds long. Definitely, 100% watch and reblog this.

Nobody asks to be raped. Ever.

Well done Scotland


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A Creepy Medical Tour of The Past

Here is where I got them from and where you can view more pictures: X

And here is where you can find more creepy/horror/paranormal posts like this: X

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An alternate universe where Bruce Wayne died instead of his parents. Causing his father Thomas Wayne to become Batman and his mother Martha to go insane and become the Joker.



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